Our factory dates back to the 1970s. It has been called Peter’s since 1989.

Our company owes its success to the highly qualified staff and modern Durkopff and Yuki machines. This enables us to produce more than a ten thausand men’s shirts per month.

Owing to this, we are an important trading partner both in Poland and abroad - we export to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. Besides, we can be considered serious competition for other companies in this line.

The production potential is so big that we started cooperating with companies which order shirts for their employees, for example the security, the Municipal Guards, the police.

We also carry out projects for big corporations and we can safely say that the customers are very satisfied with our products and attitude to the enterprise.

On request, we offer shirts embroidered with the company’s trademark or other patterns. We make shirts of high quality cotton, the mixture of Polish and foreign cotton.

The distribution department is very well developed. Therefore, our sales experts guarantee regular contact with the company. It enables customers to be up-to-date with the latest trends and patterns of our products.

We guarantee that the patterns and colours can be remade.

Considering the previous experience, we think we are a very reliable company which makes shirts of very high quality and listens to the customers’ opinions.

Our advantages:

  • attractive prices
  • regular cooperation
  • carrying out orders without delay
  • delivery
  • flexibility when negotiating cooperation conditions of bigger orders


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