Please first select the silhouette, Classic or Slim Fit. Then choose your height and collar number.

In addition, the size of the tables you can see other dimensions shirts.

All sizes are in centimeters.

How to download measurement
  Measure yourself Measure your favorite shirt
Circumference collar

Be measured below
"Adam's apple". It is necessary to
taking into account the thickness of
the clearance one or two fingers.

Circumference should be measured from
the center button to end hole, which
corresponds buttom.


Be measured under the armpits
the widest circumference of the cage
pectoris with normal posture
with lowered hands.

Pixels high to be measured on an equal
2 cm below the armpit.

Waist Should be measured at the height of the largest indentation.

Sleeve length

Be measured from the tip
arm to pivot on a slightly
bent elbow.

Be measured from the seam connecting the
arm from the shoulder to
the end cuff.

Slim Fit Shirts occur in only one universal growth ie 176-182.

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